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Stir-fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish

Stir-fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish Recipe

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Recently, I am in love with stir frying vegetables because it is much cheaper to cook them at home. For example, the pack of baby kailan I used for this dish is only S$0.60 and the total cost of making the dish is only about a dollar or so. This is a fraction of the price which outside is charging! In this recipe, salted fish flavours the baby kailan and depending on the salted fish you use, it is usually not necessary to season with salt or soy sauce. 

Stir-fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish Recipe

I have a love-hate relationship with stir frying vegetables because I’m so scared of oil splatters. My family is quite accustomed to hearing sudden yelps of “Ouch!” whenever I got splattered by the hot oil. I was so scared that I even stir fry the vegetables at a low heat. But later, I found out that stir frying vegetables at high heat for a short period yield better results. The trick is to dry your vegetables well (either air dry or spin dry) after rinsing to avoid splatters.

49 comments on “Stir-fried Baby Kailan with Salted Fish”

  1. Love stir fried baby kailan – over here a plate like that in a restaurant could easily be RM8. So making it at home is not only healthier but much cheaper too. Nice.

  2. Wiffy, this is a simple dish that I always get to see on my dinner table but you made this dish looks so fresh and nice in your photos!

  3. Of all kai lan, this gotta be my favourite!! *wink*

    Errrmmm.. i think my family are still not accustomed to my screaming no matter how many times i let out a spine chilling scream. Hahhaa! It always gets them (only the little ones though! grrr) running to me asking if i’m ok! :P

  4. I love stir-fried veggies! It’s simple to cook but yum … Beautiful picture captures all the freshness :)

  5. Your addition of lemon is a refreshing touch. You made the otherwise ordinary dish so extraordinary. After cooking vegetables at home for a while, I realized it is ALWAYS a rip-off when you order vegetables outside, and they also make vegetables so very greasy which I hate. So better to cook veggies at home. :)

  6. Better to cook your own veggie – good value for money and cook to your taste. The sliced lemon lends an unusual flavour to the dish!
    Try washing veggies whole i.e with stalks minus roots much earlier before cooking. Hang to drip dry in a bunch, then cut before cooking.
    Prevents less splattering. Hope this helps.

  7. I have the exact same plate and yes, very much like you, I hate oil splatter too! I wipe the veges with kitchen towel but now, I just pass it through a salad spinner and it worked beautifully, minimal splatter!

    • Was just toying with the idea to buy a salad spinner to dry my veggies when I was in Ikea last week, but my kitchen is getting so cluttered that I have to think hard b4 adding another item :(

  8. Any vegetables fried with salted fish is my favourite. Yours looks very delicious. I have to make salted fish again to cook this….yum

  9. I can have stir-fried greens every day, especially home-made ones like yours. Crisp and bright.

  10. salted fish! i love their taste, but haven’t figured out how to treat them yet. fry? toast? care to do an entry for cooking newbies like me? :)

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