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Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish

Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish

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Steamed chicken with salted fish & black fungus is an unbelievably easy dish to prepare and the taste is so satisfying. The “soup” as a result from steaming tastes incredibly rich and wholesome. Some call it the essence of chicken, but I like to call it the essence and goodness of home-cooked food.

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The ingredients like sesame oil, ginger, Chinese wine and soy sauce are common items found in an Asian pantry, so I can cook this often and with ease. This is definitely my to-go dish whenever I want a homely meal effortlessly.

Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish

This recipe is really flexible. Besides Shaoxing wine, you can also experiment with other types of hard liquor such as D.O.M, X.O or Brandy. If you don’t have black fungus, you can use other types of mushrooms or even fresh ones. If you don’t have salted fish or if you prefer a healthier version, you can omit it. The taste will still be good. I mean, how can any dish with ginger, sesame oil and wine possibly go wrong?

42 comments on “Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish”

  1. This looks so apppppppppppppppppertizing!

  2. omamamia! i can eat a lot of rice with this.
    salted fish? must adddd. ps i love this plate too…

  3. Hi! I’m cooking this for dinner! :D Lol. But I’m omitting the salted fish… :/ Hmm. I’m sure it’ll taste nice all the same! Cheers! :)

  4. This is so simple and super yummy, more rice please..

  5. You do such good classic dishes noobcook. I am with you on the simplicity but so flavoursome recipe.

  6. Love this very much as my mum used to make them n oh how I miss her! Quick question, what type of salted fish do u use n how do u prepare it for cooking? Eg if it is dried salted fish, do u still rinse it before u dice it! Thanks!

    • I used the dried type commonly found at those stores selling dried Chinese goods (wet market/supermarket). For maximum taste, fry the salted fish bits in some oil until they become golden brown and crispy. Alternatively, I think roasting in an oven might work too. I’m a bit lazy so I just rinse the salted fish, dice and use it right away. I’ll add this note to the recipe since there have been some questions about it here and on facebook :)

    • Thanks so much Wiffy! I am going to be greedy here n ask for one more thing: will u consider posting a photo of the type of dried salted fish u used? There are quite a few types, and since I have never ever cooked salted fish b4, I’d really appreciate a picture so I know what to pick. Cheers!

    • Hi sorry I just finished my packet of salted fish. I’ll take a photo when I buy it again :)

    • Super! Tyvm! Can’t wait to try this dish!

  7. Makes a fast and homey meal. I’ve enjoyed eating and making similar dish of this.

  8. This dish is simply delicious, I can smell the fragrant from here.

  9. This is one of my favourite dishes that my mom makes so often. I agree that it’s so easy yet so much of flavours!

  10. Love the combination of flavours and its such a heritage dish. So homey and comforting. Love the retro plate too. Thhanks for sharing. I added your blog to my blogroll. I hope you don’t mind. Have a great week ahead! :)

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