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Site Revamp!

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Noob Cook has just been updated with a slight redesign and new content. I have been working on it for the past two months and the site is finally ready to go live today after 10 hours of downtime. Here are the changes:

1) New Look at NoobCook.com

A slight re-design of the NoobCook.com main page with a more user-friendly navigation. I also restored the food-tography page which was offline for some time.

2) Two new sub blogs, namely

(a) Ingredients (http://ingredients.noobcook.com)
This is where I will write about the ingredients I used in my recipes – such as common names, properties and where to buy them. In the past, I have to repeat a mini write up of a particular ingredient in all my recipes that use it, so with this sub blog, I will able to link the ingredient information in a separate page and keep my recipes neat. With a dedicated ingredients page, I have more room to write about the ingredient. I hope that this section will, in future, become a useful resource center for food ingredients.

(b) Reviews (http://reviews.noobcook.com)
This is where I will write about the eateries, food-related products and kitchen tools I like . Now and then, I will also write about places I have been to.

I’ve always wanted to write about other stuff besides recipes, but for vanity reasons, I wanted to keep NoobCook.com as a recipes-only site. I had some content over the past two years – such as photos of my travels and dining experiences – but I’ve not had a chance to post them. With the new sub blogs, I’ll be able to expand on the current content without disrupting the majority of readers who visit Noob Cook for recipes.

3) Separate Feed Addresses
By keeping the blogs separate, readers will be able to choose the content they wish to follow. The current main feed will only contain recipes updates (no change to the existing arrangement). If you wish to be updated on new content on new ingredients and reviews update, you can opt in separately. To subscribe to new updates, please refer to

Recipes Subscribe Page
Ingredients Subscribe Page
Reviews Subscribe Page

4) Chinese Characters
Chinese language characters are not displaying properly on existing content, please bear with me while I fix it over the next few days.

5) Feedback
I hope you like the changes. If you have any feedback, please share with me at the comments section.

30 comments on “Site Revamp!”

  1. Hi Wiffy!!
    Well done on your new layout! I like the clean look and how you organise your content! :) Keep on bloggin ;)

  2. Nice One! It’s more categorized.

  3. WOOHOO!! Now that you’re done with your site, come over here and revamp mine! LOL!! Great job!

  4. I like your new layout very much! You design it yourself? You are so talented!

  5. Hi good morning,

    Exciting new change, good job!
    Is a pleasure reading your blog :-D

  6. Love your new layout! You’re really good at this ;D

  7. I always like it when someone revamps their website, because it shows that they’ve put thought into what they want to get out of it, and it gives the rest of us ideas as well.

    The underlying theme is still Thesis, correct? Are you doing the subdomains with WordPress 3.0?

  8. I love your new site!

  9. nice change! i hope that your site will keep getting better and better.. Wish u all the best :)

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