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Sambal Fried Beancurd with Sugar Snap Peas

Sambal fried beancurd (tau kwa) is a wonderful dish to go with steamed rice. Once in a while, I like to go meatless, and this recipe is excellent for that because the beancurd provides all the protein you need in place of meat. The spiciness of the sambal paste is a nice contrast to the sweet tasting peas. I love this combination of ingredients.

Sambal Belacan Recipe

I used my home made sambal belachan (pictured above) as a base for this dish. It is such a handy condiment to keep in the fridge – not only can it be used as a condiment, it is great for stir-fries just like this dish.

Sambal Beancurd with Sugar Snap Peas Recipe

37 comments on “Sambal Fried Beancurd with Sugar Snap Peas”

  1. Hey Wiffy, I love to go meat less all of the time! Well, not all of the time, but a lot of the time. So this dish looks wonderful to me…
    p.s. I made your salmon a couple of weeks ago. It was so good!

  2. Oh how I adore tofu. I’d much rather have some of this than the overtime pizza I’m about to get hehe.

  3. Yum yum what a wonderful vegan dish. Tofu, sambal and sugar snap peas are all my favourites.

    • not exactly vegan because of the dried shrimps, though vegans can omit that ingredient if they are making it. Thanks for your note :)

  4. I never thought of cooking either beancurd or snap peas in sambal before. Now I learn it, hehe…

  5. This is a great meatfree dish!

  6. Is the sambal from your previous cache? I love every single ingredient in this dish .. so yummy and great with a bowl of steaming rice. That’s all I need.

  7. What a fantastic dish! I love it with the pea pods – my favorite! Perfectly delicious over rice.

  8. super comfort and home cooked food! Esp with the dried shrimps! Got to give this a go I am sure!

  9. Hi! Thanks for the recipe. I have some fried Tauhu pok which I was wondering what I should do with. I hope it will work too :)

  10. Wow.. this dish looks so delicious. Just what I like!

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