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DIY Rose Water Toner

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Rose Water Toner

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This is an inexpensive, effective and easy recipe for rose water toner. It is all-natural and free from alcohol, preservatives or artificial ingredients. I absolutely love the amazing, sweet floral  ‘perfume’ scent!

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A great property I love about rose water toner is that it seems to naturally balance our skin’s oil production. I have combination, acne-prone skin and sensitive skin (possibly the worst combination out there). Whenever my face is oily during the day, I spray this mist, which I find more effective in curbing excess oil than blotting. It also helps to reduce redness on my skin. Rose water toner is known for its hydrating and moisturising properties when applied to dry skin.

Rose Water Toner
DIY Rose Water Toner

  • Properties: balances skin’s sebum production; refreshing, cooling and soothing; revives tired skin; gentle enough to suit most sensitive skin-types; softens and smoothens skin; shrinks pore size and reduces redness;
  • Tip: Do a skin patch test on a small area on your skin, before trying out any new product.
  • Suitable for: All skin types.
  • Frequency: Can be used daily.


  • As a facial toner: At night, after cleansing, soak cotton pad with rose water toner. Apply in upwards strokes on face and neck.
  • As a facial mist: Spray all over face and neck. Perfect as a pick-me-up freshener throughout the day. When the mist dries, it gives the face a dewy glow. Can also be used to prep the skin before applying make-up.
  • Can also be used as an after-shower body mist, after-shave or hair mist (spray lightly on dry hair-ends).

28 comments on “DIY Rose Water Toner”

  1. How cool is that? I love anything natural and this is so easy to make.

  2. Hi Shirley Yes, will last longer.

    • hello, so this can only last one week?
      i wanna make it for my girlfriends as presents :D

    • well, there are no preservatives etc, so I personally try to use them in a week, stored in the fridge. You can make it for them the night before :)

  3. Wiffy, this looks so “Crabtree & Evelyn”! You don’t fail to amaze me! Is there anything you don’t know :-)

  4. The one sold in Guardian is good but this seems much better than that. :)

  5. Hello, can i know how to get pure distilled water?
    Is it from the bottles and we just boiled it?

    • Hi, you can buy bottled pure distilled water at supermarkets (same place where they sell mineral bottled water). it is 100% pure water. Our tap water contains added minerals such as fluoride.

  6. Hi,
    can i ask , where u obtain rose buds and are they expensive?
    Regular florist has?

    • Hi, I bought mine from Hock Hua, Singapore at S$6 for a 70g bottle. I personally prefer using tea-quality rose buds (rather than those from the florist’s) for making this toner.

  7. What a wonderful idea! This would make such a lovely gift. On that note, could you please let me know where you got the spray bottle from? Thanks!

  8. Can I use dried rose bud instead of fresh ones?

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