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DIY Rose Water Toner

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Rose Water Toner

DIY Rosewater Toner Recipe

This easy, DIY recipe for rose water toner is inexpensive, effective and suitable for all skin conditions. Rose water is mildly astringent and calming. Helps to balance and reconditions the skin.


  • 20 grams rose buds (玫瑰) rinsed; preferably organic
  • 300 ml distilled pure water boiled

You also need:

  • strainer and funnel
  • spray bottle


  1. Place rose buds in a tea pot. Pour boiling water over rose buds, cover tea pot with lid and let the tea infuse for 1-2 hours.
  2. Strain the tea and transfer rose water to a spray bottle. Store in fridge for up to one week.
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28 comments on “DIY Rose Water Toner”

  1. Omg where did u find the rosé buds from or buy them in melbourne?!?!!?!! I really want to make this

  2. hi, I bought a bottle of pure rose water. Do I need to add water or i will just it as it is? If i need to add water, what will be the ratio of water and rosewater? thanks

  3. May I know if it is okay to carry around in small portion without storing in fridge?

  4. Hello. Can I use either white or red rose buds too???

  5. So this rose water can only be kept for a week? Is there any way to preserve this for a longer time?

  6. it is wonderful

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