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Pesto Pasta

Pesto Pasta Recipe

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“Fast food”, not necessarily means instant noodles or junk food. I call pesto pasta my gourmet “instant noodles”. Recently, I am hooked on making pesto. Pesto is a versatile sauce with many uses. I like to use it to make a very quick, almost instant pesto pasta meal.

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On the weekends, I will usually make a small quantity of pesto (just enough to last me for a few days) and keep the pesto sealed and chilled in the fridge. Whenever I’m hungry and fancy a quick meal, I will cook some angel hair (a quick cooking pasta which cooks in 2 minutes) and toss the pesto with the noodles. It takes me less than 5 minutes to whip up this plate with my ready stash of pesto in the fridge, almost the same time I take to cook instant noodles. How’s that for fast food? This is healthy and quite gourmet for a change from the usual fast food, and not bad for 5 minutes work. If you prefer it more fancy, you can also grill some seafood on the side and it will become seafood pesto pasta; the possibilities are limitless.

37 comments on “Pesto Pasta”

  1. 5 minutes? Wow, this is fast and healthy. A good way to cook up a nice pasta dish like this.

  2. It’s a healthy and easy to fix meal! My daughter loves pasta with pesto. I haven’t got down to making a fresh supply.

  3. wow.. this is really fast.. i guess this recipe comes in handy, now we can also try to make this:) Thanks for sharing!

  4. what brand of angel’s hair do you use? Mine always turn out overcooked :(

    • see the photo at http://ingredients.noobcook.com/angel-hair-pasta/ … that’s the brand I use. Follow the package instructions (mine is 2 minutes), add the pasta and start counting the time only when the water is boiling. If you follow the timing and it’s still overcooked to you, next time reduce the timing by half a minute and so on, until you get the texture you like. Hope this helps :)

  5. Oh…I think I should get down to making pesto too. Looks so healthy and delicious…yum. I will add to everything I think :D

  6. I loveee pesto!!!

    But store bought ones are so exxx! Best is to grow your own basil plant and “harvest” once a month. hahahaa!

    Btw, congrats on your collaboration with Samsung babe ;)

    • Thanks girl! I bought a few basil plants with the intention of having an endless supply of free basil… but end up just getting an endless cycle of buying new basil plants, haha

  7. Yay yay! Finally a food I recognize. :P Pesto is yummy!

  8. Definitely a gourmet version of instant pasta and healthier too. Loved it!

  9. I agree pesto is so versatile! So yummy and healthy =)

  10. You reminded me. I need to make more pesto for storage next time so that I can have it as “instant” as this :)

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