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Mocha Ice Blended

Mocha Ice Blended

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This is my very cheap and fuss free way to enjoy mocha ice blended at home. It can’t get any simpler than this. How simple? I just put everything in blender and blend for a few seconds. I’m a lazy and short cut cook. So this recipe is not really authentic, I think “real” mocha ice blended uses coffee shots or at least coffee beans. But the taste is good! And at least I get to enjoy mocha ice blended at a fraction of the price outside, in the comfort of my home and with minimal effort :)

Mocha Ice Blended

43 comments on “Mocha Ice Blended”

  1. I usually get the mocha ice-blended without the whipped cream when I am out :)

  2. Oh yum, this drink looks so nice! Just like the ones you get in cafes…:) Great job, Wiffy!

  3. Ooooh nice – My husband also has his version – which I have yet to publish on The Sudden Cook. Love mocha!

  4. I love Mocha but always drink it hot here cos it’s cold most of the time. But I like iced ones when back home in Malaysia.

  5. wiffy, what a prety looking mocha! nice idea too and I usually order without whipped cream too but yes does look pretty in photos :)

  6. Wiffy, I’m coming with a plate of kue lapis sagu. Could I get my tall glass of mocha ice blended?

  7. Delicious :)

    Did I tell you already that I love the new look of your blog? It looks great!

  8. Slurp! I am a fan of your short cut cooking :)

  9. hmm.. nice try there :)

  10. Wor, I wish to have this in a hot afternoon!

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