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Lemon Shandy

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Lemon Shandy
Refreshing lemon shandy. A simple concoction of lemonade and beer.

This is a super short and simple recipe. Nice and easy, and yet so refreshing for the perpetual hot & humid “summer” we have in Singapore.

Lemon shandy is made up of, as you may have guessed from the name, lemonade and beer (typically white beer/pale ale). The good thing about mixing this at home is that you can adjust the amount of beer and lemonade to suit your taste buds. Lemon shandy sold in a can or bottle is typically quite diluted in terms of the amount of beer, while the home concoction is usually half-and-half.

Hoegaarden happens to be my favourite brand of beer but it’s pretty expensive (at least to me) here. Beers and all things alcoholic are just so heavily taxed and so expensive in Singapore. Mixing it with lemonade is not only a refreshing way of having my beer, it helps me to “ration” it since I’m mixing it with something else … heheh … and yeah, I love carbonated drinks so I think this is the closest I can get to carbonated home made lemonade? :P

(makes one glass)

– chilled home made lemonade
– chilled white beer/pale ale


Mix equal parts lemonade and beer in a serving glass, or adjust the porportions to your liking. Garnish with a slice of lemon. Enjoy!

Lemon Shandy

40 comments on “Lemon Shandy”

  1. This is one alcoholic drink that I can “tahan”, cos I can control the proportion of alcohol to juice .. hee hee hee. I am a lousy drinker ;P But this is a wonderful drink for a BBQ!

  2. Not just perfect for the hot weather, but also a perfect refreshing drink to cool down after an argument with the other half! Hehe.

  3. lemon is by far one of the best mixers to have around summer time. come the time when the summer heat is too oppressive, Pimm’s and lemonade is my first choice but i haven’t had yet a lemon shandy! thanks for the this idea :D although pretty soon i’ll be hitting more autumnal drinks like lemon & whisky. x

  4. wish I can have one glass of shandy lemon now at this hot and humid nite!! it’s been so long I didn’t taste shandy..

  5. Great shots with beautiful compositions!

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  9. It’s so delicious, but we use to drink it with fresh lemon juice and salt.
    We call it mexican beer over here, i dont know what yr name for it is. But anyway its really yummy specially when it is hot outside.
    We just dipp the edge of the glass it lemon juice and then in salt, so the edge get covered in salt, pour some lemon juice ( after taste) in the glass and then beer :D Once again Yummy!!!! :)

    • your mexican beer sounds delicious. I love drinks with an edge of salt around the rim of the glass (reminds me of margarita), it’s extra pretty :)

  10. I was too lazy to make my own lemonade so I used lime cordial which I bought from Cold Storage instead. It didn’t turn out too bad! Gives the Hoegardan beer a zing. Nice…

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