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Lemon Shandy

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Lemon Shandy
Refreshing lemon shandy. A simple concoction of lemonade and beer.

This is a super short and simple recipe. Nice and easy, and yet so refreshing for the perpetual hot & humid “summer” we have in Singapore.

Lemon shandy is made up of, as you may have guessed from the name, lemonade and beer (typically white beer/pale ale). The good thing about mixing this at home is that you can adjust the amount of beer and lemonade to suit your taste buds. Lemon shandy sold in a can or bottle is typically quite diluted in terms of the amount of beer, while the home concoction is usually half-and-half.

Hoegaarden happens to be my favourite brand of beer but it’s pretty expensive (at least to me) here. Beers and all things alcoholic are just so heavily taxed and so expensive in Singapore. Mixing it with lemonade is not only a refreshing way of having my beer, it helps me to “ration” it since I’m mixing it with something else … heheh … and yeah, I love carbonated drinks so I think this is the closest I can get to carbonated home made lemonade? :P

(makes one glass)

– chilled home made lemonade
– chilled white beer/pale ale


Mix equal parts lemonade and beer in a serving glass, or adjust the porportions to your liking. Garnish with a slice of lemon. Enjoy!

Lemon Shandy

40 comments on “Lemon Shandy”

  1. Beer? Like it but I can’t drink it in a hot weather country… too bad :(

  2. I’ve never tried a lemon shandy, but I like lemonade and beer. What am I waiting for?

  3. Cool…nice to have a glass anytime. But too bad, I’m allergy to alchohol. :(

  4. I’ve never heard of this combo but I like it! I love hoegaarden too!

  5. I like your Lemon Shandy! Definitely a must try when I have some lemonade as we always have beers at home. Thanks!

  6. Great shots, Wiffy! Beer with fruit is a treat. Have you ever had Belgian Lambic beer? Some of them are infused with raspberry, peach or cherry. Quite tasty, like this. :D

  7. Love it! Our Summers here in Boston certainly aren’t as hot as yours in Singapore, but I still enjoy a Shandy. Have you ever mixed it with ginger ale? Same concept and it makes it fizzier.

  8. Lemonade and beer sounds like a great combo! Great for summer.

  9. Just awesome refreshing!

  10. wonderful! We called it Panaché here in Switzerland. Just had one this afternoon but of course yours with homemade lemonade is even nicer : )

    We have 32 degree C here in Basel by the way, that’s why need a cook drink to cool down a little.

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