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Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast Recipe

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I’m not a bread person but kaya toast is an exception. To me, it’s a treat to wake up to a traditional Singapore breakfast with kaya toast, teh/kopi and half-boiled eggs. This type of breakfast is common in my childhood in traditional coffeshops and then it died off for a few years until Ya Kun made it hip and popular again by setting up trendy joints all over town. I love that it is so easy and cheap to put together at home so that I can enjoy it on a lazy weekend morning, in the comfort of my home. Sorry, no recipe for making kaya or bread, I’m just putting the sandwich together. Next time if I do learn to make my own kaya, I’ll post the recipe.

Kaya Toast Recipe

For best results, buy the bread from a traditional bakery where the bread is longish (not square) and the bread skin has already been trimmed. The bread is usually softer and fluffier in texture but they don’t keep very long due to a lack of preservatives (which is a good thing). These bread are usually available in rainbow, brown or white and I use brown (preferred) or white bread for kaya toast. If you’re using normal white bread bought from supermarkets, trim away the edges (with the skin) of the bread before toasting.

46 comments on “Kaya Toast”

  1. Love this too! My sister actually dips her kaya toast in the soft-boiled egg.

  2. oh yeah! just what I love! Kaya and bread. My must have when I head back to SG. we can get kaya in Perth too, but somehow, it feels more like home when I am back (duh..ahhaha). ;)

  3. I love it when traditions are made popular all over again. I’ve never had coconut jam, but I’d love to try it!

  4. I almost made kaya to go in some cupcakes last year but ended up going with another idea. This looks fantastic though so I need to revisit that plan.

  5. I was so happy when I spotted Toast Box in Hong Kong. Kaya toast and soft boiled egg is still my favourite breakfast.

  6. Something so simple and yet you can manage to capture the food pix till it looks like some real expensive breakfast menu from a restaurant/hotel !

    Your pixs are really great !

  7. How do u toast e bread in oven? Need to use e top n botto
    heating element n fan?

  8. Hello!

    May i know what brand/kind of bread did you use? [:

    • Hi, I used those bread bought at those neighbourhood traditional bakery (longish, can only keep for about 2 days as there aren’t much preservatives). But you can use any bread that you like :)

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