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Kappa Maki (Cucumber Sushi Roll)

Kappa Maki (Cucumber Sushi Roll) Recipe

In addition to the ingredients listed below, you also need a sushi bamboo mat (makisu; 巻簾), cling wrapped for easy cleaning.


  • 1/2 cup Japanese short-grain rice + sushi vinegar (to taste)
  • 3 pieces 19×10 cm nori (seaweed) sheet
  • toasted sesame seeds
  • 1 Japanese cucumber cut to 10 cm chunky fries size
  • pickled ginger, shoyu (Japanese light soy sauce) & wasabi


  1. Follow the sushi rice recipe to cook the rice. Divide into three equal portions.
  2. Place nori sheet (rough side up) on bamboo mat. Place one portion of rice on nori, distributing them in a flat layer across the nori, leaving a 5cm gap on top.
  3. Sprinkle sesame seeds horizontally across the middle of the rice, then line the cucumber on them.
  4. Using a firm grip, make the maki by rolling the bamboo mat tightly halfway, then continue to roll until the maki is completed.
  5. Using a sharp knife moistened with water, trim both ends of the maki and then make a cut right in the middle of the roll. Further cut each half into three equal pieces. Serve maki with pickled ginger, soy sauce & wasabi at the side.

Noob Cook Tip:
Typically, nori (seaweed) sheets come in 19×20 cm sizes. By folding and cutting it in half, it becomes the ideal size for maki (19×10 cm).

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9 comments on “Kappa Maki (Cucumber Sushi Roll)”

  1. Thanks for the recipe! I like your step by step instructions! I am still terrible at making sushi so these instructions are really useful for me :X

  2. I also rely on my “faux” sushi for fuss-free meal(s) – make double servings, chill and have them the next day too.

  3. Easy! I make kimbap version for my girls’ lunch box!

  4. Simple and nice to eat!

  5. Hi, can the sushi be kept for days before consumption?

  6. Hello may I know where can I buy the Nori Sheets? Thank you

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