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GroXers, Online Grocery Shopping

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Groceries delivered to my door step

Imagine shopping for groceries in the middle of the night in pajamas and in the comfort of your home. And a day later, your orders arrived precisely right at your doorstep in shopping bags (or in boxes) as if you have just been to the supermarket, only that you haven’t. That is made possible thanks to GroXers, Singapore’s new online grocery shopping store. For the past three months, GroXers have been the sponsor for Noob Cook kitchen where I have also been developing a series of recipes for their website (which will be published on their site in the near future). Being a closet online shopping fan, I am definitely thrilled with the prospect and convenience of online grocery shopping in Singapore. Although GroXers is a new name, they are the brainchild of FoodXervices – a foodservice distributor supplying to various top hotels and restaurants in Singapore.

GroXers Online Grocery Shopping
Even though we have no lack of supermarkets in Singapore, I still find it a hassle to lug back heavy and bulky items such as rice, cooking oils, as well as endless cans and bottles of sauces and condiments. While I don’t intend to fully replace my entire grocery shopping experience online, GroXers definitely has a huge selection for me to consolidate $60 worth of groceries to take advantage of their free delivery service.

Tips for Shopping at GroXers.com
1) Register for an account (filling the form takes less than 5 minutes). Registering the account remembers your delivery information and past orders so that you can shop with ease each time.
2) Take note of the current promotions – usually it will be 25% off first for first-time shoppers, free delivery for orders above S$60, in addition to their current promotion campaign.
3) Check out the delivery schedule so that you can plan and also know when your order will be delivered.
4) When shopping, look out for halal/non-halal information, as well as the product size to make sure you don’t accidentally order a bulk size item.
5) They have options for either credit card payment or cash on delivery (a great option for those who are not fully comfortable with online credit card payment).
6) If you have any feedback or question relating to cooking, email their friendly ConXierge where you can get personalized service, cooking advice and maybe even a recipe.

Here are some of the products I have ordered:

Divella Products
Divella Products

Divella is one of the main brands they carry for pasta with an extensive range (from spaghetti to gluten-free pasta to arborio rice to lagsana to couscous). There are certainly enough options to whip up a sumptuous Italian meal a day every day for more than two weeks!

Bello Products
Bello products

Bello is one GroXers main house brands. My favourite Bello products are the Bello’s sun-dried tomatoes in sunflower oil (comes in a 1.7kg bottle which is value-for-money compared to the small bottles the supermarkets are carrying), their extra virgin olive oil and canned fruits.

GroXers Cereals
GroXers Cereals

My family love GroXers range of cereals which is something different from the usual mainstream brands which we are accustomed to.

Gourmet Food
Besides having everyday kitchen products, GroXers also carry gourmet ingredients such as truffle oil and saffron.

Fresh & Frozen
Although GroXers primarily sells dry food products, they do have a modest selection of dairy and frozen foods such as ice cream (none other than their house brand Koorimo), tortilla, butter and frozen vegetables. I also eyed a few varieties of cheese which I will be keen to pick up next time I have a recipe which calls for it.

I picked up four different types of vinegars – red wine, white wine, balsamic and champagne, which I can’t wait to use in my cooking.

Food Neccessities
Here are some of the pantry “necessities” I ordered – among which brown rice, canned anchovies, olives and kosher salt (which I have been searching outside for a long time).

Asian Food Products
They also cater to Asian cooking – I was able to pick up Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese ingredients.

Chinese Cooking Products
Among the ingredients I ordered for Chinese cooking are Xin Si canned mushrooms, Torto desserts and various dried goods by Xtuff.

Ikan Bilis
Their house brand Xtuff sells many types of basic Chinese dried foods, and among which I ordered a 1kg bag of ikan bilis.

Bello Olive Oil
They sell products in bulk sizes too – for example, my 5 litres olive oil (I use them up quickly since I use olive oil for my everyday Chinese stir-fries). These bulk sizes will be great if you are cooking on a large scale!

Happy Xhopping!
Website: GroXers.com

5 comments on “GroXers, Online Grocery Shopping”

  1. I agree that it might be heavy to lug back all the bottles of oils and seasoning, bags of rice etc. WOw, looks like you can cook up a storm with all the stuff you have bought :)

  2. I am a big fan of yours!
    Saw the recommendation to shop online with GroXer. From the list of things you have bought, I am happy to know that they have quite an interesting range of stuff.
    My question is if they are more expensive than in the stores. I am now living in europe and will be moving to singapore at the end of the month. At the moment I have still no idea about costs there.


    • Hi Yany, prices for products vary, so you need to price check on your own. Generally, prices at GroXers are quite competitive, especially for the home brands they carry. Look out for promos (sometimes they have 20% for home brands, or an additional flat discount, etc).

  3. what a great write-up. definitely bookmark this place. thank you for letting us know about this. I have been trying to find something like this online.

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