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How to Cut Carrot Flowers

How to cut carrot flowers

How to cut carrot flowers

Now and then, I have readers asking me how I did the garnishes for my dishes – for example, cutting carrots to flower shapes, or slicing spring onions to wispy strips.

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I’m going to tackle the carrots one in this post, since Chinese New Year is around the corner, and a lot of people like to cut carrots in this manner as flowers are an auspicious symbol, representing richness (花开富贵). This is not just useful for CNY, but all year round too, as I’m sure any dish can be jazzed up with the pretty flowers. This tutorial will work for daikon (radish/white carrot) too. 

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How to cut carrot flowers

Method 1 (Vegetable/Cookie Cutter)

1. This is a short cut method using vegetable cutter. I bought the above at Daiso Singapore for S$2. You can also use cookie cutter as well, and they come in many designs besides flowers. Since carrot is a hard vegetable, do use metal cutter rather than plastic ones.

How to cut carrot flowers 2. Using vegetable/cookie cutter is really straightforward. First cut the carrot to slices, position the cutter on top of each slice and press down (I place a cloth on top for more support and to cushion the sharp edges). Discard the outer trims and push out the cut carrot. With this method, it is not necessary to peel the carrot beforehand.
How to cut carrot flowers

Method 2 – Carving the Flower Petal

1. This method is the manual method of carving the flower shape yourself. This is my preferred method because it will work for all sizes of carrots, and you can change the design.

How to cut carrot flowers 2. Peel the carrot with a vegetable peeler. Use a sharp paring knife to mark the petals on the carrot. I decided on a 4-petal flower so you can see four slits above.
How to cut carrot flowers 3. Carve a horizontal line down the first slit. Repeat with a second horizontal line about 3 mm away.
How to cut carrot flowers 4. Hollow out the carrot between the two horizontal lines to complete the petal. Repeat with the other petals and when you’re done, you’ll see the flower shape.
How to cut carrot flowers 5. Each slice of the carrot will give you a nice flower. My knife skills are not good so you can see that the petals are not symmetrical or perfect, but I’m happy with them. These pretty carrots are now ready to jazz up all kinds of dishes!

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  1. very interesting methods, thanks for sharing :)

  2. thanks for this tutorial….waiting for the wipsy strips spring onion one…hehe…


  3. This remind me of making them in the jai (齋) dish for the Chinese New Year. Thanks!

  4. cool..thanks for sharing :) Very timely for CNY.. btw, any tips to quickly shed the 3 color carrots for lo-hei?? those ready-shed and spin-dry often sold out in supermarket…

  5. wonderful technique to cut carrots… !

  6. Cute way to cut the carrots…

  7. Second method for me, easier and less wastage.

  8. u r sooo patient! I’m the chop and eat kinda girl! hahaha. but i would like to learn the 2nd method, just seems more interesting and the cuts look more deep.

  9. Love reading these tutorials. Really informative. Thanks!

  10. Definitely will grab some carrots for this coming Rabbit year. Will you be sharing the techniques for ‘grooming’ the mushrooms as well? Thanks a bunch!

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