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Fish Ball Noodle Soup

Fish Ball Noodles Soup

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Fish ball noodles soup is a healthy, light-tasting and easy one-dish meal. Without having to make my own fish balls, this homely bowl of noodles soup can be whipped up in under 30 minutes, including the home-made ikan bilis broth.

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My family commented that it tastes similar to the hawker version (it means yummy!), which I think is due to the fried lard and lard oil I added as topping for the noodles. For a healthier or non-pork version, you can use garlic oil or shallot oil. You can make the ikan bilis stock in advance, or cook it on the day itself as the stock only needs about 10-15 minutes of simmering (prolonged simmering may result in bitter broth).

Fish Ball Noodles Soup

I personally prefer fish balls bought from the wet market or hawker stalls where they are packed in a bag of water. The wet market fish balls can’t keep for long, best used on the same day. To me, they taste fresher, don’t look abnormally big or taste artificially bouncy, as compared to the supermarket ones. The fish balls I used in this recipe are bought from Bedok North Blk 216 ‘flower’ market, Joo Chiat fish ball noodles stall. In addition to fish balls, you can also add fish cake slices and fish dumplings for more variety.

21 comments on “Fish Ball Noodle Soup”

  1. Oh my, I love fish balls soup!! The best goes with Bee Hoon or Tang Hoon…they just make it perfect :-)
    What a tempting photo you took of the bowl of fish balls noodles soup!!:-D

  2. Looks simple but packed with flavor as you use good stock and of course, the fried lard and lard oil. :) ….I don’t think can get fish balls packed in a bag of water here….:(

  3. The good thing about these fish balls is that it looks so fresh and not “floury” I am a convert to having some fat in diet- so the lard actually appeals to me!

  4. Looks simple and delicious. I need to keep ikan bilis stock in mind when I am making my stock. :)

  5. Mmmm….looks very delicious. I can eat this any time. I love fish balls and noodles in soup, especially good during cold days.

  6. This looks light and good.

  7. Yummy as hawker version, yet clean and healthy with a homemade stock … I bet so : ).

  8. you know what, in fact now i preparing similar meehoon soup for dinner because i have run out of idea what to cook, hehehe..But i did not go wet market today, so i can only add fresh prawns and meat, one item must add is Tong Choi..

  9. I love quick and tasty meals especially on a hectic crazy weekday! This soup is exactly this plus really comforting!

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