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Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken Recipe

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I love quick fixes, and I am not ashamed of using instant curry sauce instead of pounding my own curry paste. A while ago, Bee from Rasa Malaysia featured a delicious curry chicken (咖喱鸡) recipe, and she introduced to me the A1 brand of curry sauce which she used (and don’t mind me sharing on my blog too, thank you!).

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It can be bought readily in Singapore, at about S$2+ a packet. Ever since I discovered this curry, my pantry is never without it, for who can resist whipping up a delicious local-style curry in less than 30 minutes? My only tiny grouse with the curry sauce is that it is not hot enough, but this is easily solved by adding some chilli to up the heat meter. This is definitely one  of my favourite local home-cooked food, whipped up with very little effort.

Curry Chicken Recipe

58 comments on “Curry Chicken”

  1. I hope you got my private message informing you of a password to open my blog *^^*

    I love love love curry chicken!!!
    I will go back to Singapore with my husband next month, so I am already starting to make a list of all these Singapore goodies! Curry chicken paste is definitely a MUST!!!!

    • Hey Pipana, no I didn’t get your message, could you email me? :)

      woah, exciting to be back in Singapore. Do stock up all the curry pastes, bottled chillis and bak kut teh!!!

  2. I always used instant paste but I have yet to try this A1 brand. I would give this brand a try next time.

  3. It looks just as good even if it’s a “cheater” version. We all have those nights where we’re short on time to cook and hungry!

  4. Wow, the chicken looks so yummy in that curry!

  5. Sounds like a great quick meal. I’d want to up the heat meter too!

  6. mouth watering chicken curry.

  7. I buy and stock these mixes at home too!
    I also have those my Muji! (it’s more expensive, but curious to try them out! haha)

    Sometimes, mum makes these ‘mixes’ for us and we store them in our fridge. she shakes head when she sees the premix in our pantry. LOL

    • so are the Muji curry chicken any good? I like their squid ink sauce… lucky of you to have mum’s home-made curry paste :)

  8. please don’t call it cheater’s recipe, as you are not cheating.
    It should be called modern recipe, or quick recipe.
    I like following you.

  9. Hi Wiffy – we want to say a big thank you for sharing your recipe on Season with Spice in supporting the Cook & Share a Pot of Curry event. It’s fantastic to have someone from Singapore to share this with our Singaporean readers. Many have asked to make this an annual event! Thanks again.

  10. I’m living in Europe and there is hardly any good Asian food. Tried this recipe (except there isn’t “A1” brand here) and it turned out real good! You’re a saviour! Thanks!

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