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Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

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I saw some really fresh and cheap blueberries and I knew I have to make some blueberry muffins with them. And I’m glad I did, because they are so yummy, I couldn’t help eating them while I am taking the photos. The natural slight sourness of the blueberries is a nice contrast to the sweet muffins.

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Plus, they are just so pretty to look at with the burst blueberries and the purple streaks running down the cupcake liners, and that made me really happy. I think it’s time for me to head back to the supermarket and stock up on more blueberries. The recipe is really easy because there is no electric mixer required, you just need a spatula to combine everything in a large bowl.

Blueberry Muffin Recipe

98 comments on “Blueberry Muffins”

  1. Super nice! Love the clear liners – nice touch!

  2. wow it looked like a tiger with purple stripes, how esciting your muffin is, pretty and yet delicious by justy glancing at the recipe! marvellous! definitely can go well with me cup of coffee this weekend! :)

  3. Hi Wiffy

    May I know what type of milk you are referring to? Normal drinking milk like HL, Marigold??

    And do u need to smash the blueberries first before mixing it with the flour and all?

    • Hi Quraishah, yes – normal drinking milk. I’m using fresh milk. I think you can use HL milk. For the blueberries, no need to mash before mixing in, I throw in whole blueberries – they will burst on their own in the oven. Hope this helps =)

  4. yum! Blueberries are on offer now, I should make some of these!

  5. Ahh I bought whole bunch of blueberries and have been wondering what to make with them!! I already did apple-blueberry crumble and wondering what to make next… A friend suggested a blueberry milkshake =) Maybe I should do muffins too…
    Yours look beautiful, of course!

  6. I know you do bake … usually the bakes are savory!! Haha! Glad to see a sweet bake this time around! Haha! I love your blueberry muffins!!! The dome! It’s just perfect! Love how the exuding blueberry nectar too.

    Yea … I bought 250 g of blueberries from Cold Storage last Friday. Froze them liao … Still haven’t figured out what to make with them. As much as I’d like to stock them up … I can’t … freezer is full house now! Argh!

    Hey, I was inspired by you, Mark Bittman and Jamie Oliver. I baked salmon with home-made pesto last Sunday! Yumm! Then, I got more greedy … I topped the fish with more pesto upon serving … Haha!

    • yes… I seldom bake sweet things … coz I find it difficult! savoury stuff easier because I can try to “rescue” it even if it failed. Thanks for your encouragement. My pesto salmon recipe was from Jamie Oliver lah … hehe … yours sound delicious with the extra pesto :)

  7. *SQUEALS* Muffins!!!!!!! :XO: Ooo these look amazing wiffy, and photo 2 is so pretty how you arranged it with the flower things and punchi napkins. Funny, but my mom made homemade blueberry muffins the other day too!

  8. hmmm….Im wondering if this would work if I beat the butter and sugar and eggs together…then add in the rest? :?:

  9. OMG! Your blueberry muffins look fantastic!

  10. You always take beautiful pictures Wiffy. I like how the muffin itself lends its beautiful look for you to capture. Just look at the oozing juicy berries. It stained the cake and trickled down beautifully!

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