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Avocado Hair Mask

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avocado hair mask

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Today I am featuring a different type of recipe for a change: a DIY hair mask using food ingredients. Avocados are in season now, and I am enjoying the on-sale avocados with an all-natural DIY hair mask, sans preservatives and chemicals.

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Avocados are often used in beauty products for their hydrating and nourishing properties. To me, nothing beats pampering oneself at home with a natural avocado hair treat. This mask is perfect for those with dry scalp or/and dry hair due to the moisturising properties of avocado. The recipe calls for olive oil, but if you have colour-treated hair, you might want to substitute with jojoba or sweet almond oil (Use my affiliate code “WIF026″ for $5 off first order if you are ordering from iHerb.com), as olive oil may lighten hair highlights.

avocado hair mask

Avocado hair mask

  • Properties: Hydrating, repairing & strengthening; boost shine and softness to dull hair.
  • Suitable for: Dry scalp and dry hair.
  • Frequency: Can be used weekly.

37 comments on “Avocado Hair Mask”

  1. Awesome mask! absolutely discusting looking, but it makes your hair so soft!

  2. I found this recipe to be absolutely fantastic!! Extremely messy lol, but it was worth the hassle. I am mixed with black/filipino, so after I washed the recipe out of my hair, I got an old perfume bottle (you know the plastic kind you can get at places like bath and body works lol) added 1/4 olive oil and filled the rest of the bottle with water. I sprayed it on my hair for the finishing touch and straightened my hair. It looks awesome!!! My hair looks as if I just left the beauty salon! Definitely glad I stumbled upon this website :)

  3. I just tried this recipe out because my hair and scalp was damaged from chemicals. I’m Panamanian and African-American so I was a little hesitant at first.

    You would not believe how wonderful my scalp and new growth is. I’m forwarding this to all my friends .

  4. This is AMAZING! I tried it, and my naturally blonde hair became very shiny and smoother than it was :) thanks a lot!!! :D

  5. does it help create new hair growth or does it at least help prevent hair falling off

  6. This was the worst hair mask experience of my 18 years of life!It is messy, nasty, and icky! Do not use this…….it is gross. Avocado is for eating only. This recipe taught me that. Unless you blend the avocado it’s just chunky. And prepare for cold veggie on your head when you first put it on. Oh, and make sure your hairs not as damp as mine was, because I just got avocado juice EVERYWHERE-_- Well, Good Luck!<3

  7. Chelsea, the avocado should be ripe so that when you mash it, it becomes like a paste. It should not be chunky at all. I’m sorry you didn’t prepare the mask properly, most children will learn from trial and error so BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! As for the mask itself, like most, it will be cold, and very REFRESHING! I’ve tried this one before and, done right, it’s amazing! :)

  8. Does this hair mask work as a deep conditioner?

  9. This sounds awesome, I want to try it. Would it work with coconut oil?

  10. how long do you leave this mask in your hair for? 2 hours? overnight?

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