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[Closed] 5th Blogoversary Giveaway!

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[Update] Giveaway closed. Congratulations to Karen Chin (Prize #1), Jerri (Prize #2) and Syarifah Syazrah (Prize #3).

giveaway prizes

Giveaway Prizes

I’m celebrating Noob Cook’s 5th blog anniversary with a little giveaway as a small token of my appreciation to my readers.

How to Win

There are three prizes to be won. Simply comment with your preferred prize (#1,#2 OR #3 – please choose one only) and you will be entered into the draw for that prize.

Ships internationally. Giveaway ends at 23:59 on Sat, 13 Oct 2012 (GMT +8). Winners will be announced on 15 Oct 2012.

Bonus chance on Facebook

Facebook: ‘Like’ and comment on this FB photo with your preferred prize #1, #2 OR #3 (please choose one only).

Note: You will need to submit an entry on this post, before qualifying for the additional bonus chance on FB.


Tote Bag

#1 Super-cute grocery tote bag x 1

I bought this lovely tote bag from Feerique Shop in Bangkok, of which I am a huge fan of. They are located at JJ weekend market (SECTION 3 SOI 42/1, room 019) and “LOFT” Siam Discovery, 4th floor. This tote bag measures 45 cm x 34 cm (excluding strap length).

wine bottle bag

#2 Elegant wine bottle fabric bag x 1

Dress up your wine bottle with an elegant fabric wine bottle holder from Naraya (note: wine bottle not included).


#3 Lemongrass and Ginger Cookbook by Leemei Tan of My Cooking Hut fame x 1

“Asian cooking is one of the fastest-growing cookery trends in the world – and from Chinese to Thai, Indian to Malaysian, the diverse tastes, textures and aromas of Asia can be sampled in this beautiful new cookbook.For more information about the cookbook, check out this link.

Thank you for reading my blog! Good luck!

172 comments on “[Closed] 5th Blogoversary Giveaway!”

  1. #3 for sure!
    After all, noobcook is all about cooking!
    How not to choose a delicious-looking cookbook? :o)
    Congrats, noobcook, on your 5th anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Wiffy!
    I would like to have No.3 Lemongrass and Ginger Cookbook by Leemei Tan please. Been wanting to have one but can’t find it in book stores in small city where I stay.
    Thanks in advance, Christine

  3. #3, please. All the gifts are nice, but I especially love cookbooks.

  4. Yeah, congrats.

    The tote bag looks pretty.

  5. Happy 5th Anniversary! Didn’t know it’s been 5 years already! :) Would love to have #3. 10q!

  6. #1 please. happy 5th anniversary

  7. Happy 5th anniversary
    #1 please! I love your blog, i hope it continues for years and years!

  8. Hi Wiffy, Happy 5th Anniversary, I hope to win #1, grocery tote bag, as I am a fan of cute stuff and It will be of help to my groceries shopping, to cut down use of plastic bags to do my part of saving the earth. Thank you! Cheers!!!

  9. Happy 5th Anniversary!

    #3 Lemongrass and Ginger cookbook. I’m a beginner in cooking and I depend heavily on your blog and cookbooks to whip up a decent meal. Will be a great if this can be mine!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog!

  10. Happy 5th Anniversary!!
    I would like to have the 3rd one!
    I enjoy your recipes and keep on writing ya!

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