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Yakult Soju

Yakult Soju Recipe

The amount of soju, Yakult and 7-Up is adjustable, depending on how strong you like the alcohol content (use more or less soju) and how sweet you like it (use less 7-Up for less sweet; may substitute with soda water if you only want to add fizz not sweetness). This recipe uses the ratio 4:2:1 (soju: Yakult: 7-up). For a milder conconction, use equal parts Yakult and soju, with some 7-up to taste.


  • 400 ml Korean soju
  • 2 bottles (100 ml ea.) Yakult or cultured yoghurt drink (original flavour)
  • 50 ml 7-Up or Sprite to taste; may use soda water if you don’t want to add on the sweetness
  • ice cubes

You also need

  • glass pitcher & soju shot glasses
  • stirrer


  1. Fill the pitcher halfway with ice.
  2. Add soju, Yakult and 7-Up. Mix evenly with stirrer before serving.

Noob Cook Tip

Instead of a stirrer, you can also use a cocktail shaker to shake the Yakult, Soju, 7-Up & ice, before transferring the contents to a serving glass pitcher.

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4 comments on “Yakult Soju”

  1. I am not a drinker, but I DO love yakult!

  2. This drink with yakult sounds great, very refreshing…thanks for the post!
    I hope you are having a nice week :)

  3. Was blown away with the yumminess of this cocktail! I used Peach Soju for the flavor, then Sprite Zero and Yakult Lite to lessen the sugar and calories. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Awesome, love the recipe, thanks!

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