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Watercress with Pork Ribs Soup

Watercress Soup Recipe

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The weather in Singapore is perpetually hot and humid. So the best way to cool down in our tropical climate is with a nourishing and cooling bowl of watercress soup (西洋菜汤).

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Watercress is packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins. It is said to have detoxifying and cancer-preventing properties as well. Home cooking is all about healthier living so soups like this is a must on my dinner table every now and then. This is a real taste of home-cooked food to me.

Watercress Soup Recipe

42 comments on “Watercress with Pork Ribs Soup”

  1. Very soothing soup! My all time favourite!

  2. This is one of my favorite chinese soup, I love watercress!

  3. One of soup of the day that I like to order whenever I visit the Cantonese restaurants. Very soothing and great to drink in the warm days.

  4. This looks so yummy

  5. Not my favorite soup of all, but thanks for posting this recipe, that is the taste of home for me.

  6. My favourite soup too, usually i add scallops too.

  7. Oh! I like this soup…I can almost taste it :-)

  8. What an interesting soup with dates in it! I love them! Never had them in soup. Totally delicious!

  9. I arrived in SG yesterday and this was my first soup I ate at the foodcourt! It is a classic and I’m going to bookmkar this recipe to make this when i get back to Perth!

  10. Wiffy, I am loving the bowl! You got a matching ladle-style spoon. Beautiful!
    Watercress soup is the ultimate home-cooked soup.

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