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Papaya Milk

Papaya Milk Recipe
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Papaya Milk Recipe

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Papaya Milk (木瓜牛奶) is a popular drink in Asian countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This is my simple home-version. I thought of doing this because I have leftover papaya from making papaya, snow fungus and almonds dessert. The papaya was a little over-ripe and soft so I thought it will be nicer in a drink than eating it on its own. It turns out really nice and a healthy, refreshing drink. Some people also believe that this drink is beneficial to expectant mothers because it is nutritious.  For other known properties of this drink, check out the comments ;)

Papaya Milk Recipe

If you have a whole papaya, slice away the papaya skin (using a vegetable peeler or knife). Cut the papaya in half lengthwise, and use a spoon to scrap out all the seeds.


  • 200g ripe & sweet papaya flesh cut into small chunks
  • 200ml fresh milk
  • 1 tsp honey to taste


Blend everything together in a blender until you can get a smooth consistency.

43 comments on “Papaya Milk”

  1. just curious… is there a specific way to blend this? I’ve heard low into medium is the best way, curious to other peoples comments :)

  2. I made this with soy milk, and it turns out that papaya ans pawpaw contain an enzyme that coagulates soymilk! It was definitely surprising when I retrieved the drink I had put in earlier to find it was now a mousse XD it was still delicious though. great recipe.

  3. I’ve tried making this before, just on my own without a recipe. It was really good except it always had a top layer of foamy papya pulp on the top which made it a bit unappetizing. Do you have any results like that or tips?

    • Hi Crystal,
      I had a Papaya that got a little Crushed in my bag, so we decided that the best option was to Liquify it. I also had maybe 300ml of honey which was boiled in it’s glass bottle. This is a most amazing drink served Cold, and for freshness & taste consumed within 3-4 days. And yes I did notice a foamy froth that settled on top.

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