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Broccoli & Scallops (My Guest Post on Rasa Malaysia)

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Broccoli and scallops
Broccoli and scallop, an auspicious dish for Chinese New Year. Check out the recipe at Rasa Malaysia.

I’m excited and happy when I saw my broccoli & scallops guest post up on Rasa Malaysia, truly one of my fave food blogs out there. Rasa Malaysia is a treasure trove of recipes and cooking tips so do check out the rest of the site while you’re there. I’m really honoured that a noob like me is being invited to guest post at such a fabulous site. Bee (author of Rasa Malaysia) is a fantastic cook and awesome person, I can’t wait to grab a copy of her cookbook when it is out (she is currently working on it). Thank you Bee, for inviting me to guest post!

If you have any questions or feedback about this recipe, please post them over at Rasa Malaysia. Hope to see you there!

26 comments on “Broccoli & Scallops (My Guest Post on Rasa Malaysia)”

  1. Congrats on your guest post! :XO:

  2. Just saw this over at Bee’s blog. Wow those scallops look so good!

  3. your dish look so pretty.bet it’s must taste delicious too!!

  4. congrats on your guest post on RM! hey, btw…did you know that your blog add appeared in a local chinese paper here in msia. it was a small mention which came about in an interview with someone who said that his fav blog is http://www.noobcook.com. i can’t read chinese and didn’t know the paper’s name but my bro in law showed me a few pages because they were about popular food blogs, thus i suddenly saw yrs being mentioned at the bottom of this guy’s interview. well done!

    • Thanks or letting me know npm! Someone told me about it the day the article was published online. I was so thrilled at the mention! :)

  5. Bee is really cool to feature so many other food blogs off her site. Great job with the guest post!

  6. wow guest post on the amazing Rasamalaysia! Congrats ;D beautiful photo as usual and oh how juicy those fat scallops are. U make me want to be with my family for a big Chinese new year dinner now.

  7. Thank you everyone for your supportive words. I really appreciate it!

  8. hi can i ask where did you get your scallops?
    i ever used those frozen ones from NTUC.. and after cooking, it shrunk and do not taste that nice

    • hi min, NTUC sells many types of scallops, which one did u buy? Nowadays, during the CNY season, I see the big and white frozen premium types in a box, I think those look great. About S$20+ for a box. there is another frozen type in a box roughly S$9-13, I personally find those scallops too tiny and quite “fishy”. Off-CNY season, I got those that are in the fridge section (cling wrapped and go by weight) and those are great.

  9. oic.. i get the blue box ones which is only abt $7+. no wonder it shrunk after cooking.
    those cling wraps ones can be stored in the fridge for a few days coz i won’t cooked that much at a go

    • Ok I know which type you bought. Those are really really small to begin with and they aren’t juicy and they have a slight fishy smell. The cling wrap type is more expensive though, it cost about S$1 per scallop, but I personally think it’s worth it. I think you have to consume within 3 days or less since they are already thawed.

      Since it’s now the CNY season, you can consider the frozen premium scallops. I think its about S$20+ per box, there’s quite a lot, the scallops looks big (similar to the cling wrap type), and you can thaw what you need and keep the rest for a long time in the freezer. I’m thinking of buying a box too.

  10. Hi there! I was surfing for dishes to do for CNY and came across yours. It’s simple, yet it brings out the best of broccoli & scallops. I couldnt find pacific clams here in the UK but substituted it with prawns and it worked well for me. Thanks for such a great recipe!

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