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Kailan with Shredded Scallops (My First Guest Post)

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Kailan with Shredded Scallops
Kailan with Shredded Scallops

I’m excited and happy to see my very first guest post, being published by one of my fave food blogs, Delicious Asian Food. Thank you PabloPabla, for inviting me to guest post. If you would like to read about what I wrote and check out the recipe, do hop over to PabloPabla’s blog to read the article. Remember to check out Pablo’s blog at the same time, because there are lots of wonderful Asian recipes to try out.

I’m be leaving Singapore tonight for a short holiday in Beijing. Will be back soon for more recipes, and maybe some photos from my trip ;)

Kailan with Shredded Scallops

Kailan with Shredded Scallops

18 comments on “Kailan with Shredded Scallops (My First Guest Post)”

  1. Enjoy your trip!! We’ll be waiting for your photos and stories!!!

  2. Have a great trip. Congrats on that guest post..

  3. Oh how fun, have an enjoyable trip and yes I want to see pictures! :)

  4. have fun in beijing! this looks yummy…i’m missing home cooking now x

  5. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Congrats for your 1st guest post! Hope you have an enjoyable and “foodful” trip! ;)

  7. Congrats on your first guest post!

    Whoaaa…. going to Beijing? Yummy food there… especially the Kao Ya Bei Jing *droll*

  8. Glad to have you as a Guest Chef! It’s an honour!

    How’s Beijing???

  9. Have a safe and happy trip! Take care! :)

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