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Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Sticky Rice Recipe

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I had a foodful one-week vacation in Bangkok over the Chinese New Year holidays. Not only did we eat a lot of good food, I also lugged back beautiful Thai crockery to add to my stash of food-tography props.

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Coming back from the trip, I feel refreshed and inspired to experiment with Thai cooking, starting with one of my favourite Thai desserts: mango sticky rice or “Khao Niaow Ma Muang” in Thai. Among my shopping, I brought back a box of mangoes and a bag of rice(!) to Singapore in anticipation of making this dessert. For those of you who have never made mango sticky rice before, let me assure you that it is very easy (or at least this recipe is). The coconut sauce, for example, only took me 3 minutes to make by using the microwave short-cut. We love this recipe so much that I have been making it almost every two days due to popular request.

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Mango Sticky Rice (Step-by-Step)
Thai Sticky Rice Soak rice with enough water to cover the rice for at least 1 hour or overnight. Drain the rice and transfer to a covered bamboo rice basket. Place bamboo steamer in an outer pot and steam over medium to high heat for 20 minutes. If you do not have a bamboo steamer, just use any casserole with a lid. Optional: line the base of the steamer with banana leaf.
Making Mango Sticky Rice Prepare the sauce by adding coconut milk, sugar and salt in a microwave-safe bowl at MEDIUM for 1 minute. Use a whisk to dissolve the sugar thoroughly. Alternatively, you may use a saucepan and prepare the sauce over the stove-top using low heat.
Making Mango Sticky Rice To make coconut milk sticky rice (Kow Neuw Moon), transfer steamed rice to a bowl and pour coconut sauce. Stir to coat the rice thoroughly in the sauce. Mould the rice to rice balls if preferred.
Mango Sticky Rice Recipe Arrange and plate sticky rice with sliced mango. Pour the remaining sauce over and sprinkle sesame seeds before serving.

26 comments on “Mango Sticky Rice”

  1. Yes,this dessert indeed is good.My last trip was last year,December.Every day I had it,somehow just couldn’t resist.another thing is mango salad :)

  2. What a refreshing and delicious dessert!

  3. Seems that the sticky rice cooks quite fast. Is sticky rice the same as glutinous rice cos I know glutinous rice takes a long time to cook.

    • I think that Thai sweet rice may differ slightly in starch content from the glutinous rice we are familiar with, though I think they are similar and substitutable with each other.

    • Hi there, may I know where did you buy the Thai sweet rice from?

  4. wow this looks so interesting and fascinating! Sticky rice and mango…sounds like a marriage made in heaven!

  5. Whenever my husband and I went to Thai restaurant for dinner, I always want to try this. But we got so stuffed every time, I still haven’t been able to try this. Perhaps, I can just make this at home. :)

  6. When to get the bamboo rice basket from?

  7. Hi Wiffy

    I will try your recipe soon. May I know what type of coconut milk do you used? Fresh or those in packet form? If using packet form, what brand is recommended?

    Thanks much!


    • Hi Felicia, I use those mini 200ml tetra pak for convenience. Of course fresh is better (more fragrant) but I am lazy, and the quantity is more than I needed. You can buy any brand and personally I use Ayam brand as they have a trim coconut milk version.

  8. This is by far one of my most favourite desserts! Love your garnishing/serving suggestions too

  9. Hi,

    how much water is required to steam the rice?

  10. Hello!

    When steaming, do I need to add water to the base of the outer pot like normal steaming of fishes/food? Thank you! Am making this for my family in a few hours time so would appreciate your prompt reply. Thank you so much for creating this site & sharing so many lovely delicious recipes! (^_^)

    • Hi, I made this today.. But it turned out quite a failure :( So disappointed with myself cos I’m no good :( I failed at making the glutinous rice using a casserole, I have no bamboo steamer..

      Your instruction for bamboo steamer was 20 mins, I’ve been using a casserole & steaming for 1hr 20mins still very hard.. I decided to stop & just eat already.. Most of them I just threw away cos too hard..

      How I steamed the glutinous rice was add water to boil inside a big outer pot, put in the casserole (lid covered) with glutinous rice into it on medium heat.. But 20 mins later it’s really hard & uncooked rice, thus I covered the big outer pot with lid too.. And then I steamed for another 1hr still very hard.. Not sure why :(

      I soaked the glutinous rice for 20hours, and drained for about 10 mins inside a colander and start to steam..

      But I used a brand new bought casserole though, and the 20hrs soaking was done inside the new casserole before draining & using it back to steam.

      Please let me know where I did wrong :( Thank you very much!

    • Hi Yin! Sorry for my late reply as I have been out of town and had limited access. Sorry to hear that your attempt failed. I think you have steamed the rice for too long! It is supposed to be quite hard and dry after 20 minutes of steaming (different from the way we cook Chinese rice, after all, no water added), but after you pour in the coconut sauce, the rice will become wet and mouldable :)

    • Hello Wiffy! :) Glad to hear your reply!

      I steamed for 20mins & checked, but rice was uncooked.. Lol.. Not sure what went wrong..

      But anyway, I went to Golden Mile Complex & bought myself a bamboo steamer, similar to what you’ve used! ^^ So I’m going to try it again the next few days!

      How do you steam the rice? Do I need to add water to the outer pot?

      Hope you enjoyed your trip & hope to hear from you soon! ^^ By the way, where are you from? :)

    • I am from Singapore! Yes there was a photo of the steamer set-up mentioned in the recipe: http://instagram.com/p/V6dxGZOPXO/#. There is water outside the basket.

    • Hello! :) Heh, fellow SGreans (^_^)

      Ok, last question, sorry for being so troublesome.. Very ignorant cos I’m super noobcook xD

      After I put water outside basket, do I need to cover the outer pot?
      Or do I just let it be?

      Meaning as your picture, but do I need to cover outer pot?

      Thank you! :)

    • just follow the photo as I shown you, but close the lid while steaming.

    • Will try again! :)
      Thank you very much!

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