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How to Grow Mint

How to grow mint (from a cutting)
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How to grow mint (from a cutting)

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For those into growing edibles, here’s a guide on how to grow your own mint from a cutting. I grew my mint in a pot for food garnishing reasons – most of the time, I only need a leaf or two to garnish my food, and I find that I won’t be able to finish a whole packet purchased from the supermarket. Home-grown mint is fresh and you can cut them whenever needed. For those who are total gardening noobs like me, the good news is that mint is perfect to plant because they are easy and fast growing – in fact I read that some people prefer to grow them in pots for fear of the mint overtaking their garden. To grow mint, I simply take a cutting (cut a stalk of mint and chunk it into the soil) and it grows easily to a lush plant in a month. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to grow your own mint.

How to grow mint (from a cutting)

P.S. I don’t know much about gardening. I’m simply growing them (mainly edibles) so that they can come in handy for my cooking and photo shoots (for example, I grow coriander and spring onions for garnishing foods). I am writing about my successful gardening projects to share with those who are interested to grow their own foods. Therefore, I apologize in advance for not being able to give any good advice on plant care, except for what type of conditions worked for me.

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How to Grow Mint First of all, you need mint cuttings. You can get them from someone you know who had a pot of mint. Simply snip off a stalk of it, and for maximum results, pluck most of the leaves at the bottom away as shown above. I’m not sure if harvested mint bought off the shelves can be used, but I’m fairly sure it might work as I grew sage this way before.
How to Grow Mint Plant by burying a considerable part of the stalk into the soil.
How to Grow Mint You have planted one mint cutting. Do a few more with some spacing between the cuttings. I do about 3-5 of these per pot because sometimes, not all the cuttings survive. Water the pot daily with exposure to sunlight and fertilise the soil fortnightly. If they are successful, you can see them growing within a few days or two. If they are not successful, it is quite telling because they will wither quickly. Should that happen, you can try again.
How to Grow Mint The above is the actual pot of cutting I made – I didn’t even trim off most of the leaves as I was quite sure they will survive as I done this many times. The earlier 3 photos were taken recently just to make this step-by-step tutorial as I realized I had forgotten to take close up photos of the successful cuttings.
How to Grow Mint After 1 month and 1 week, my tiny cutting has blossomed into a lush pot of mint. Fertilize fortnightly with organic fertilizer.
How to Grow Mint Close up of the leaves. If you already have a pot of mint, you can still try out this tutorial to either to increase your pots of mint or to grow a “reserve pot” in case (touch wood) your existing mint ever get hit by plant diseases. Happy gardening and cooking!

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  1. Hi.
    May i get a few stalk of mint leaves from u as i’d like to plant a pot of mint leave.

    If possible, not sure if my mailing will be possible? i’ll send u a return envelope. thks alot

  2. sorry, pls ignore my earlier msg sent.

    I didn’t get see ur reply to me last yr.. :P

  3. Thank u 4 ur idea I grew mint this way.thank u very much

  4. This is super easy. Will conquer my mum pot one day to plant this!

  5. weffi,ur awesome it’s working

  6. Hi! I’ve recently started adding small handfuls of mint when I juice… the mint adds a wonderfully refreshing zing to my orange, celery, apple, and carrot juice!


  8. Hi, very informative post on mint growing. I see that u mentioned we can get plants like mint n rosemary from nursery. Do u have a specific one on hand cos I went to a few nurseries but can’t find any of these plants there? Do u transfer them to your own pot once u got them from the supermarket? Thanks

  9. You make growing mint sound so simple which is on the contrary. I would like more input such as type of soil, amount of sunshine and water, pests and any difference between clay and plastic pots.

  10. Hi,

    I am having a good root but no leaves at all.. but the stem seems to be a bit fleashy and I can see small buds in one of the stem. Please advice me if the leaves spourts from that or should I plant the one with leaves


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