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Ginkgo Barley (Fu Chok)

Ginkgo Barley Recipe

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Ginkgo Barley (白果薏米腐竹糖水) is one of my favourite Chinese desserts of all time. Also known as fu chok (foo chuk), this dessert tastes light, refreshing and nourishing. It is also really easy to make. Be sure to buy the soft type of bean curd skin sheets to make this dessert (see picture below).

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The other type, which looks alike but is harder and oilier, is more suitable for making Chinese style meat stews such as “tau yu bak” (I found out the hard way). I also cheat by using canned ginkgo nuts (where the nuts are already shelled and boiled), so the steps and cooking time for this recipe are greatly simplified.

Beancurd sheet

44 comments on “Ginkgo Barley (Fu Chok)”

  1. One of my favourite desserts. Wish I’m right next door to you. I could do with a bowl. ;P

  2. Will this dessert give a cooling effect? Never make any dessert with bean curd sheets, usually just use it for cooking. I might try this soon :)

  3. I love this. Have not eaten for a long time. Have to go and get the ingredients to cook soon.

  4. i love this dessert.. My daddy use to cook it=)

  5. I love this but I tend not to eat the fuchok, it has this weird taste to me.

  6. Making this dessert with pandan leaves sounds interesting. Here, it is more popular to add eggs into this sweet soup.

  7. I love this too. My grandma used to cook this very often when I was a little girl.

  8. I don’t like this as a child, so haven’t eaten it in ages. I think I prefer this savory instead of sweet. My mom loved this though.

  9. This looks like a comforting dessert. I’d love to try working with bean curd skin sheets too.

  10. Oh! I never had this with the dry tofu…only with the curd one…it sure looks something that I’d love to try :-)

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