Claypot Yee Mee Noodles (Pork)

Since I have a big bag of yee mee (yi mein/伊面 aka Cantonese egg noodles), I have been making several versions of claypot noodles for lunch. This claypot yee mee noodles with three pork (煲仔猪肉伊面) contains pork balls, minced pork and sliced pork. It was a simple, fast but gratifying lunch for me.

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Claypot Yee Mee with Pork Recipe

I’m really loving my new kitchen in my new home because finally, the photography area is right next to the stove. The claypot was so hot that when I took it off the stove and took a photo (above), the claypot was still bubbling furiously away. Serving and cooking in an individual-sized claypot ensures that the meal stays hot until the very end, even as I sneaked in a few shots for the blog before eating.

Claypot Yee Mee with Pork Recipe (Ingredients)
These are the main ingredients. I am using cai xin (choy sum) as the vegetable of the day. For pork, I am using 3 types: pork ball, minced pork & sliced pork. The marinated minced and sliced pork shown above are good for two portions. I actually kept the second portion for my lunch the next day, since the meat can be marinated up to one night in the fridge.

Making a cross slit on the pork ball
Make a cross slit cut on the pork ball so that it cooks faster. Alternatively, you can halve it.

Claypot Yee Mee with Pork Recipe
This is the cooking in action. When the soup bubbles, add the noodles, vegetable stems, carrot, ginger and meat.

Claypot Yee Mee with Pork Recipe

I added the egg and vegetable leaves only after the meat is cooked.

Claypot Yee Mee Noodles (Pork) Recipe

This recipe serves 2 (two individual serving claypots). To make more, marinate more mince and increase the rest of the ingredients accordingly. The marinated meat keeps well for one night in the fridge, so it can be prepared in advance.

Instead of cooking each serving individually, you can also cook everything in a large pot and portion out to serving bowls.


Ingredients for each claypot:

  • 300 ml water
  • half chicken stock cube (preferably MSG-free)
  • 1 serving “yee mee” (yi mien) aka egg noodles (40-80g)
  • a handful choy sum (cai xin) 菜心 separated to stems & leave; cut to short sections
  • 3 slices carrot cut to flower shape if desired
  • 1 egg

(A) Marinade for meat

You need two portions of the following marinade (one for the minced pork, and one for the sliced pork):

  • 1/2 tbsp light soy sauce
  • 1/2 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 dashes white pepper powder

Garnishing Suggestions

  • chopped spring onions
  • saucer of cut chilli padi in soy sauce

You also need:

  • two personal-sized claypot (or casserole)


  1. Marinade the mince pork and sliced pork in one portion of (A) each for at least 15 minutes or up to overnight in the fridge.
  2. Cook the dish in a personal sized claypot individually. Add water and stock cube in a personal size claypot. Bring to a boil. Then add noodles, half of the mince, half of the sliced pork, 2 pork balls, carrot & caixin stems. Stir the mince chopsticks so that they are evenly separated and cooked. Add the caixin leaves. When the pork balls are cooked, crack an egg while the soup is bubbling and remove from the heat. Garnish with spring onions and serve immediately in the claypot with a side saucer of chilli padi. Repeat by using up the rest of the ingredients for the second serving.

Cooking Note(s):

  1. If you want the egg yolk to be cooked, eat it towards the end of the meal. If you want it slightly runny, break the yolk with chopsticks while eating.
  2. Dish out to a bowl when serving to young children to prevent them from accidentally touching the hot claypot while eating.
  3. Instead of soup cube, you can use any home made soup stock, a mix of tetra-pak chicken stock & water or simply use water & soy sauce.