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Chinese Braised Chicken

Chinese Braised Chicken

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This is a simple and quick Chinese recipe for braised chicken which is easily adaptable to suit your preference. The seasonings like soy sauces and oyster sauce are staples in a Chinese kitchen. The savory braising sauce goes incredibly well with white rice. This dish is so high on taste and low on effort that it has become one of my family’s favourite home-cooked Chinese dishes.

Chinese Braised Chicken (Ingredients)

48 comments on “Chinese Braised Chicken”

  1. Mmmm yummy, I love braised and stew dishes. This and the last recipe are just perfect ;) And 15 minutes flat? Gotta try it soon!

  2. Another classic one noobcook! I love the addition of chinese mushrooms and I will certainly add the splash of chinese wine at the end! LOL

  3. Simple and quick recipe is my favorite! Plus this dish looks so yum. Will keep in mind to put rock sugar :)

  4. Nice! I do something similar but with carrots, onions and mushrooms instead :)
    (minus the oyster sauce)
    (my mom’s receipe hehe)

  5. Whoaaa.. I bet it’s so delicious eating with rice!

  6. You know, NC, there is always an unctuous look to every single dish you create!

    Btw, I have rock sugar, but it never dawned on me to use it in a savory dish.

  7. Ahh a classic red braise! I have been meaning to try to make this at home for awhile. Beautiful photos.

  8. This recipe looks great. You got to love quick and easy!!

  9. It seems that everytime it is cold and rainy in the city, you come up with a dish that is so warm and inviting…..

  10. 15 minutes flat? That is fast including food prep and cooking (flavors development).

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