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Soybean paste

Chilli soybean paste

Taiwanese soybean paste (豆瓣醬) is a savoury sauce great for Chinese or Taiwanese stir-fries. It contains fermented soya beans (similar to our local “taucheo”), sugar and salt. The one I am using come with chilli so it is mildly spicy.

Chilli soybean paste
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This particular brand was introduced me by my mum after her supermarket friends’ recommendation. It can be purchased from major supermarkets (such as NTUC, Sheng Siong) in Singapore. The fermented soy beans in this bottle are already mashed so it is ready to be added to the wok with simple seasonings. If the brand of bean paste you bought come with whole beans, you may want to mash some of them gently with a fork so that the bean taste is more infused in the dish.

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