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Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken Recipe

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I love quick fixes, and I am not ashamed of using instant curry sauce instead of pounding my own curry paste. A while ago, Bee from Rasa Malaysia featured a delicious curry chicken (咖喱鸡) recipe, and she introduced to me the A1 brand of curry sauce which she used (and don’t mind me sharing on my blog too, thank you!).

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It can be bought readily in Singapore, at about S$2+ a packet. Ever since I discovered this curry, my pantry is never without it, for who can resist whipping up a delicious local-style curry in less than 30 minutes? My only tiny grouse with the curry sauce is that it is not hot enough, but this is easily solved by adding some chilli to up the heat meter. This is definitely one  of my favourite local home-cooked food, whipped up with very little effort.

Curry Chicken Recipe

58 comments on “Curry Chicken”

  1. still… this curry chicken look good!! don’t worry we all used this kind of ready mix spices too ☺

  2. Very yummy! I want to try too!

  3. instant curry sauce! my best friend! this one might be available in hong kong, i’ll give it a try :)

  4. Instant sauces are the best invention. It makes cooking so quick and easy. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Ooooh I absolutely must have potatoes in my chicken curry! The dish looks great.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with “cheating” (at least where cooking is concerned) if the end results are delicious and merits it. ;)

  7. I like your addition of vegetables. I have not added “fish curry veggies” into chicken curry before. Cool idea!

  8. look so yummy, more rice please..

  9. cuts the work down by half = winning!

  10. ooo… I am a fan of A1 curry paste too! LOL i used that quite often here…and i sneak in cabbage, carrots whatever i can find to make it a complete meal! lOL

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