Soft-boiled Eggs (Half-boiled Eggs)

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe

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The Singapore-style breakfast of kaya toast will not be complete without soft-boiled eggs with runny yolk as a side, and usually served with a dash of white pepper and dark soy sauce. When I was a kid, my family owned this really nifty gadget specifically for making soft-boiled eggs. You simply place the eggs inside the gadget, and pour boiling water up to a certain line. There are mini holes at the base of the container which drips slowly down to a container, and then when it drips to a certain depth, perfectly soft-boiled eggs are ready. I’ve never seen this gadget since then but the same concept can easily be applied using whatever you have in the kitchen. And yes, you do not need to make these eggs on the stove top.

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe

Eggs submerged in boiling water

Half Boiled Eggs Recipe

Securing the container with a tight lid for 5 minutes

Soft-boiled Eggs Recipe

Be sure to start with eggs at room temperature before attempting to pour boiling water over them. If they are just taken out of the fridge and still cold, the sudden change in temperature when doused with the boiling water will cause the egg shells to crack. Egg white may leak from the cracks, leaving an unsightly mess as it mixes with the hot water and cooks partially outside the shell.


  • eggs at room temperature (any number, as long as they occupy one layer)
  • boiling water


  • heat-proof container with lid


  1. Arrange eggs to occupy one layer in a heat-proof container or a pot. I’m using my microwave rice cooker as it comes with a tight fitting lid.
  2. Pour boiling water to cover the eggs. Secure with a tight lid.
  3. After 5 minutes, carefully discard water.
  4. Break eggs into a shallow dish and add a dash of white pepper and dark soy. To complete the breakfast experience, serve with hot kopi/teh and kaya toast.