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Pig Stomach Soup

Ever since my mum returned to the kitchen after a break of several years, we have been spoiled by her sumptuous cooking. This pig stomach soup (猪肚汤) was cooked entirely by her. We had not tasted this home-made soup for years; and everyone rushed home to drink it even though it was a work day.

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My family used to cook this soup all year round, but during the Chinese New Year (CNY) season, this soup takes special spotlight as leftover luxurious CNY steamboat ingredients such as fish maw, pacific clams, abalone, fresh scallops and thinly sliced “shabu shabu” meat are added to this soup, making it even more wholesome than the usual bowl.

Pig Stomach Soup Recipe

One distinctive feature of this Hokkein dish is that it is deliciously peppery, due to the addition of white peppercorns. Most families will crush the peppercorns gently in a mortar and pestle before roasting them in the dry pan until fragrant. My mum insisted that we do not crush the peppercorns as she said the soup will have tiny bits of rough pepper. Instead, she roast the peppercorns intact/whole for at least a full five minutes, or until one can smell the aroma of the peppercorns. Well, she made me do it, and my arms were really aching as I needed to stir the peppercorns the whole time so that they will not burn. The result was worth it though. My mum also used the slow cooker for this dish, but feel free to cook it on the stove top.

Pig Stomach Soup Recipe

8 comments on “Pig Stomach Soup”

  1. Home-made soups are the best! Love the peppery taste and smell.

  2. Miss this soup! Nowadays, my family does not make this anymore. White peppery Tir Tor Teng is a classic :D

  3. This is my favourite soup. Looking at your delicious soup made me drool.

  4. My used use to cook it with white pepper, loved it!

  5. I miss this soup…as I would not make it home since my husband will not touch it…
    Looks delicious Wiffy…hope you are having a great week :D

  6. After frying the peppercorn for 5 minutes, do you crush it?

    Thank you.

    • no, don’t crush, that’s why need to fry for so long. The soup will taste better (the white pepper flavour will be strong yet not overwhelming), and the soup will not have tiny bits of rough pepper :)

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