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Convenient Fish Salad in Scallion Sauce

This convenient fish salad was made with store-bought vacuumed cook fish, and topped with a homely 10-minute scallion sauce.

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Convenient Fish Salad in Scallion Sauce Recipe
This salad takes only 5 minutes to put together, if you prepare all the ingredients beforehand (including washing the salad mix and making the scallion sauce), or about 15-20 minutes if you are doing everything on the same day. Either way, this is a quick & easy salad recipe!


10-minute Scallion Sauce

I had a bunch of scallions to use up, so I made a quick pan of scallion sauce. The scallion sauce takes only 10 minutes to make and keeps well in the fridge for 2 weeks – so you can make this scallion sauce in advance for meal prep. The scallion sauce is really nice when spread over cooked fish or chicken.


Cooked Vacuumed Fish Fillet (Buri/Yellowtail)
I found this vacuumed cooked teriyaki fish (buri aka yellowtail) at Kuriya Japanese Supermarket selling at 3 pouches for S$10. They had 3 fish to choose from, and previously I used their cooked saba fish in my ochazuke which was really yummy too! Just like my convenient chicken salad, the main protein was “outsourced” by buying it in the cooked & vacuumed state, for quick meals on busy days.


Convenient Fish Salad in Scallion Sauce Recipe
Just put everything together (salad, fish & toppings) in the salad bowl. I also made a 1-minute sesame-soy dressing, but you can use any instant salad dressing. Spread the scallion sauce over the fish, with some extra sauce on the side to enjoy.

2 comments on “Convenient Fish Salad in Scallion Sauce”

  1. This is the kind of food that I could enjoy every day and won’t get tired of! Delicious and nutritious!

  2. I like it “outsourced” -that’s how convenient meals are born :p

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