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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

This is a recipe for carbonara without cream (the authentic Italian way). It’s very simple, you only need 3 main ingredients to turn make this carbonara: bacon, Parmesan cheese and egg.

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The challenging aspect of making carbonara is to cook the egg in the sauce thoroughly (half-cooked or raw egg taste is a no-no), yet never to scramble the egg (the absolute fail of aesthetics no matter how good it tastes). Check out the fail-safe steps in the recipe on the next page, on how to achieve this.

Carbonara Recipe Carbonara Recipe Carbonara Recipe

And by the way, authentic carbonara uses pancetta (Italian salt cured bacon), but I couldn’t find it at the local supermarkets, so I substituted with streaky bacon. I’m still happy :) I know Carrefoure used to sell it, but the chain had since closed down.

Update: Thank you readers for your sharing via comments on where to buy pancetta in Singapore. 

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14 comments on “Spaghetti alla Carbonara”

  1. Haven’t had carbonara in ages! Now you have me crave some for the night snack :-))

  2. Saw pancetta in cold storage before and bought it at star vista

  3. I was thinking that cold storage shd hv too, just not sure if EVERY cold storage has it.

    Have not made carbonara sauce before as I know the egg is the tricky (troublesome) one.

  4. Hi wiffy! looks yummy. i’ve seen pancetta at some fairprice finest under the “Culina” brand. Its available at Jason’s, and Dean and Deluca Orchard central, along with other exotic hams like Jamon serrano / iberico.

    looks like you have some leftover parmesan… try baking a parmesan crusted quiche. i often forget about the parmesan i’ve bought for a dish and they would have turned mouldy by the time i rediscover them.

    • Hey watty! so glad to see you. gosh I miss u! Hope you are well ^^

      Oh I’m so lazy, I simply put parmesan cubes in my salad or eat it as a snack, though I’ll check out how to make that quiche ;)

  5. Hi. I often saw pancetta at Fairprice Xtra in Ang Mo Kio Hub.

  6. Wiffy, is this dish suitable for kids, since white wine is used?

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  8. Hi,
    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe.
    I just had my first attempt, using fettucine instead.
    Unfortunately, the eggs became scrambled after pouring into the pan, probably the pan was too hot. Any tips on that, thank you!

  9. Dear Wiffy,

    I am surprised that no one mentioned you didn’t indicate how many eggs you used as you have missed it out in your recipe. Is one egg or two? 


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